BoxFit Escapes

BoxFit Escapes takes guests on an epic adventure-filled fitness retreat in the tropical paradise of Surfside, Costa Rica. This one-of-a-kind experience combines luxury accommodations, training beachside at a unique CrossFit facility, and an itinerary full of the area’s best excursions and activities.

Service Provided:

I was in charge of setting up the information architecture and design the storytelling in a way that the user can learn what Box Fit Escapes is about, the value they offer and lead them to conversion, book a retreat. The development was done using WordPress, with the addition of a custom coded slider and Stripe payment form.


The information architecture was designed with the purpose of tell the users who BFE is and what they offer.  The homepage itself is a story that will lead the user to the main goal of the website, book a retreat. It starts with a highlight video of what the retreat is about., followed by a text introduction. Then a sequence of the elements offered in the package, luxury accommodation,  fitness, healthy food and the adventure.  


Among these elements a call to action for the video teaser was added with the idea of spike the users emotion towards the service being sold.  Once this is achieved, I present them the next available retreats where they can click and find out more info about them.  Hopefully this is the last step before the conversion happens, from the retreat page the user can go to the booking page and fill out the form. to secure the reservation. 


Following the branding guidelines provided my role was to create an UI that would speak to Box Fit Escapes’ audience. An audience that look and desire Adventure, Fun, Freedom, Enjoyment, Relaxation, Escape, Health and Travel.  On top of that the website should translate BFE traits,  professionalism and reliability crossed with a spirit of adventure and fun. 


This was achieved through a clean layout, high quality images and videos, in addition to some interactive animations on scroll,  high blurred but soft box shadows and some modern broken grid layout. 


The website was developed using WordPress and a theme of the client’s choice. However in order to avoid the use of unnecessary plugins and end up with a heavy and bloated website I custom coded a slider that is less than 10KB in size altogether.  To attend the client’s requirement for the booking payment, a custom coded form was created with Stripe integration.  And lastly, a custom coded Mailchimp Newsletter sign up form was added for marketing purposes.