Tiziana Trovati

Tiziana Trovati provides a full-body wellness journey that empowers growth, transformation, and wellness through an authentic understanding of the body. Combining classical Pilates, yoga, orthopedic massage, and myofascial release, Tiziana shares her knowledge to help people become the best they can be.

Service Provided:

I was in charge of creating the site architecture having Tiziana’s services as the main category and her next events/retreats. In addition, the website should be cohesive with Tiziana Trovati branding guidelines and developed with performance in mind.


The goal of the website was to introduce Tiziana’s to the user,  from her professional journey to the services she provides and retreats she will be working at.  The homepage starts with a video section of Tiziana followed by an introduction of hers and the keywords her brand represents. 


A call to action is added to inform that her services can be booked and just below each service is added for those that want to read more about one or each of them. 

As a brochure website the homepage was setup as a summary of the entire website,  that contains about,  services, and testimonials. 


Following the branding guidelines, the design show maintain the feeling of balance and approach.  It should be authentic, positive and purist.  This could be achieved using the brand’s color palette, as well as with encouraging sentences and appropriated iconography. 



The website was developed using WordPress and a theme of the client’s choice. In addition a custom coded plugin was added to capture emails and send it to Mailchimp.